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Purpose Gap Matrix

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.“ 
Mark Twain

The Purpose Gap Matrix is a proprietary tool that measures employee satisfaction and fulfillment, allowing for customized engagement and retention strategies for employee development plans. 


The PGM consists of five Likert scale questions that focus on the Five Foundations of Awareness and provide measurable clarity where fulfillment challenges and gaps typically exist for employees. This allows for valuable changes in personal and professional growth. 

This isn't just another assessment. 

The Purpose Gap Matrix Process

Do you know how you really feel about your job? By examining 5 key areas of work satisfaction, the Purpose Gap Matrix
provides you with an easy way to understand your level of satisfaction and make informed decisions about your next steps related to your current work situation. Take the mystery out of what truly matters to you.


Is this job opportunity a role that the employee is interested in? In other words, is this the employee's dream job? Is it something they will find fulfilling??


Is this job accomplished how the employee wishes to do it and with people they like doing it with? 


In this job, is the employee appropriately rewarded when they do an exceptional job? While most people believe this to just be the pay, it can include bonus structure, benefits, sense of purpose and other recognitions and rewards.


In this job, will the employee get professional development that moves their career forward? Do they have the skills necessary to be proficient in the role?


Is this job and company where the employee wishes to be in the future? Will the company expand and provide promotional opportunities or lateral shifts to positions of interest you hope to attain in the future?

Ready to Find out Your Score?

Get your score and create a plan. Let our expert coaches help you understand the intersection between your purpose and role. 

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