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Talent Optimization

Hire Based on Science, not Luck! 
Finally, there’s a scientific way to design high-performing teams with predictability.

Take a good hard look at your company. What are your biggest struggles? Employee turnover, disengagement, a changing market, bad hires? Despite your best efforts and good intentions, you can’t quite figure out how to accelerate your company’s performance.

These struggles are caused by a talent gap that no recruiter, or HR software, can solve. The gap causes low productivity, poor results, and missed opportunities—it’s the reason why most companies fail to perform at their highest potential.

The answer is an exciting emerging HR space called Talent Optimization™. This four-part discipline aligns your talent strategy and business strategy. This method is a core part of Purpose HQ’s system that helps you bridge the talent gap and allows you to look at your people as, well… people.

The Talent Optimization Process


Combine powerful recruiting software and 65 years of behavioral science to make the right hires—with confidence.



Managers, meet your favorite solution to build and inspire high-performing employees and teams.


Help your teams get along and get the job done — so you can focus on the strategy ahead (no matter what).


Isolate the cause of low employee engagement—and take action to fix it.



Know the right fit for any role.

Pinpoint the ideal fit for any role and streamline your recruiting process.

  • Avoid the hassle of vetting bad fits or scouring LinkedIn. Get deep candidate Insights upfront with the PI Behavioral Assessment™ and PI Cognitive Assessment™.

  • Align your hiring managers and human resources on an ideal candidate profile for every role using proven science and the PI Job Assessment™.

  • Transform your job description into a behavioral and cognitive target–so you know exactly where to focus.



Become a better manager.

  • Understand yourself. Learn how your behavioral drives manifest as a people manager.

  • Improve your management style by exploring your natural strengths and caution areas.

  • Develop new leadership skills through actionable self-coaching tips.

Talent Stratgy

Talent Strategy

When employees are unhappy, it creates a lot more work for leadership.

88% of teams are not aligned with their strategy. Is your team aligned? Let a talent optimization expert guide you in uncovering what’s holding your team back from reaching its full potential. Discover your leadership style. Uncover your Team Type. See how well your team’s strengths align with the work to be done — and where you need to course correct.

With proven, data-driven tools, your teams work efficiently, and you can stay focused on strategy.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Everyone moving in the same direction, working toward the same purpose.

Just imagine what your company could achieve if all employees worked in the same direction at full force! 

Solve engagement problems and maintain employee engagement. From software to workshops to expert consulting, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to shift your company into high gear.

Stop Guessing and Start Using Data to Drive your Decisions!

Request a FREE 30 MINUTE CALL with our team to learn how Purpose HQ can prepare your team for launch!

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