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Putting People and Purpose Back to Work

Whether you’re struggling with establishing a desired organizational culture, hiring right, retaining talent, aligning your team with corporate culture and/or strategy, empowering your people to excel at their highest potential, getting people in the right seats, or other culture and talent related issues, Purpose HQ has the solutions to address your challenges. 

We typically see these issues occurring in four main areas: culture, hiring, teams, and leadership. Our tools are designed specifically to address unique issues in each area of concern.



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Are you experiencing a high level of employee turnover? Is there a miss-alignment between leadership and employees?  Are your teams experiencing conflict?  Are your employee engagement scores low?  Or do you have a great culture that you want to sustain and define as leadership changes.? Are you interested in designing a culture of intention? You are likely looking to intentionally design and drive your desired culture.  


A toxic company culture pits employees against each other, isolates employees from leaders, makes employees feel silenced and undervalued, and impedes your team’s success.

We often reach for these tools to correct common culture pain points:

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You need a great team working together in a positive, empowering environment for your business to succeed. A strong company culture lays the foundation for success for your employees and company. 

organization and it becomes more difficult to proactively develop the desired culture.  By intentionally designing and driving your culture, research shows you'll have lower employee turnover, higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction, and higher productivity levels.  


To design and drive your desired corporate culture, it is critical that you have clear and concise core values. These must guide all decisions, behaviors, and talent development for your company. To get there, your core values must be developed and owned by everyone within the organization. With the Organizational Values Navigator, you’ll better understand your core values, have clear definitions, and gain valuable insight into how your employees connect with and ultimately own them.   


Developing and engaging core values that are owned by your people and teams will empower them to embrace and champion your desired corporate culture, even when you’re not sitting in the room.  

Your Core Values are the foundation of your culture and guide how your company and employees do business. Crafting clear definitions and understanding is crucial to a strong, purpose-driven culture. 



Do you feel like your company's mission, vision, and purpose are unclear?  Is drama throughout the organization causing lower productivity negative behaviors, and decreased employee engagement?  If so, you might be suffering from a common business problem - a lack of organizational purpose. Companies struggle when leadership lacks direction causing employees to suffer because of purpose ambiguity.   


When you discover your organizational purpose and make sure everyone knows their role in achieving it, great things happen. When employees are clear about how they fit into the big picture, we see higher productivity as well as reduced toxicity because of greater employee engagement.


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Gain clarity on your vision and purpose with the Purpose Gap Matrix to increase employee engagement and buy in for your organizational purpose. 

You can't change what you don't know. The Purpose Gap Matrix can help you ask the questions that define your purpose.

Employee Development

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Do you feel like you’re spending time and money on training that never seems to stick? Do the same problems keep coming up, but no one is acting on them or the solutions are just the “band-aid of the month”?   Did you have an amazing solution launch only to see it fizzle out in a few months? Even the most effective training and solutions need reinforcement and follow-up.  

When we think of training, the word “sticky” often comes to mind. How do you get the great training or awesome solution you just came up with to last beyond the launch? What you need is a platform that not only supports the learning or solution launch with ongoing knowledge reinforcement. Imagine having a centralized software platform that enables and measures engagement, as well as provides all your people data & insights. 


The Rubi Engagement Platform enables organizations to get their most important work done by providing a platform for leaders and staff members to quickly access relevant insights from experts across the organization while providing practical actions they can take right away. 

Support your training and solutions with a platform that makes it easy to engage employees.


Are you tired of losing good people?  Is your talent disengaged? Are you struggling to find the right people to fill your open roles?  You are probably experiencing a miss-alignment in your hiring and talent-development practices with your core values and purpose.  

Whether they are hired, promoted, or transitioned into a given role, employees who are misaligned to their job will ultimately fail, which will cause your company to suffer, too.

Through issues related to behavioral or cognitive skills required for the job, or lack of motivation, we have tools to help you hire hard and manage easy.

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Talent Development helps companies hire the entire person by providing a comprehensive, integrated approach focused on identifying and developing all aspects of an individual's potential. We help organizations attract, engage, develop, retain and unleash their best talent.  

Our unique approach combines assessment tools with coaching techniques to provide a 360-degree view into each candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and motivations for success or failure within the organization’s culture. This enables us to match candidates with positions based on both. 

Having employees in the right position at the right time can be critical to business success. Hire harder to manage smarter.


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Are you frustrated with the lack of alignment in your organization?  Are your teams working in silos?  Is there an over-emphasis on titles and responsibilities within your organization?  You are probably not focused on developing servant leaders across your entire organization. Leadership at all levels matters and the journey should be taken with an individual focus. 

Not surprisingly, leadership plays a large role in the performance of your team. If leaders lack the skills or tools to effectively coach and develop employees, your team will not be able to perform up to its full potential and employees may become disengaged, and even leave altogether. 

Our tools are strong enough to identify new leadership talent and support existing leaders through the challenges of professional development.

Imagine having a leadership program that aligns your entire organization around common goals, values, and behaviors. This means less time spent arguing about what should be done and more time doing it! 

The Leadership Alignment Program will help you create an environment where people are aligned behind their roles in the organization so they can focus on getting results instead of fighting each other for control.

Every employee in your organization should be a leader.